The ruum vs zoo compare and

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Reading Comprehension: Compare and Contrast – ANSWER KEY The Zoo The zoo is a place where there are lots of different types of animals. The zoo has lions, monkeys, and bears.

It also has birds, lizards, and snakes. At the zoo, you can see animals from around the world. How is the ruum’s collection of animals like a zoo’s? Page 92 What is Jim’s state of mind?

What words clue you in? Page 95 Man vs. Man: Issues between two 3. Have you ever been treated unfairly? Compare your experience to the experience of the Logan family in Song of the Trees.

Compare & Contrast The Zoo Story by Edward Albee

A comprehension quiz designed specifically for 7th grade readers. This quiz focuses on a story about an indestructible nightmare machine that is accidently let loose on Earth by aliens during the prehistoric age.

“Zoo” by Edward D. Hoch and “The Ruum” by Arthur Porges are both science fiction stories that tell about futuristic or past objects or the way people act. They are similar and. "Zoo" by Edward Hoch and "The Ruum" Arthur Porges reading skill Compare and Contrast Genre Science Fiction - (Justice) This quiz is timed.

The total time allowed for this quiz is 30 minutes. The Ruum vs. Zoo Compare and Contrast.

The Ruum vs. Zoo Compare and Contrast

These two stories help us understand. “Zoo” is about a collection of creatures who are visiting Earth to be apart of a zoo exhibit, however the creatures believe they are visiting a zoo of humans, not being in a exhibit.

Fiction; Anne Carson.

The ruum vs zoo compare and
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