The positive expectations of teachers for their students

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Set Positive Behavior Expectations

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Teacher expectations and student achievement

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What Does It Mean To Have High Expectations For Your Students

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Chapter Developing Positive Teacher-Student Relations

Teachers communicate their positive expectations in four ways, climate, feedback, input, and output. Climate is when a teacher creates warmth in the classroom, and provides emotional support for the students whenever they need it. Goldenberg reported that regardless of their expectations, the teachers in this study were generally very supportive and positive with all their students.

But he did identify two children in one classroom, for whom the teacher’s behavior actually counteracted any effect her expectations might have had. Students monitor themselves and take more responsibility for their behavior — and their learning. Students spend more time on task and academic learning time increases.

Teachers can more easily recognize and motivate positive behaviors. According to Schultz (), the expectations teachers have of their students inevitably effects the way that teachers interact with them, which ultimately leads to changes in the student’s behavior and attitude.

Beginning teachers often set the bar high when it comes to student expectations. As a new teacher, it's common to want to be portrayed as a competent teacher who has control over their classroom. Here are a few suggestions to help new teachers make realistic and achievable goals for their students.

The positive expectations of teachers for their students
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Developing Positive Teacher-Student Relations