The negative effects of predictive testing for alzheimers and huntingtons disease on human emotions


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Predictive testing for Huntington’s disease

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May 05,  · Predictive testing for Huntington’s disease May 5, | Health News Getting tested for the Huntington’s disease gene is a 5/5(11). Behavioral-Symptoms-of-HD Huntington’s Disease (HD), an inherited neurodegenerative disease, damages specific areas of the brain, resulting in movement difficulties as well as cognitive and behavioral changes.

a part of the brain that is associated with emotions. Genetic testing is available for those who have HD in. one area will affect the other areas. For example, changes to cognition will have an effect on behavior.

Common symptoms of HD are uncontrollable movements, abnormal balance when walking, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, thinking difficulties, dysregulation of emotions and personality changes. Predictive testing for Huntington's disease has potential benefits for the psychological health of persons who receive results that indicate either an increase or a decrease in the risk of.

From papers initially identified, eight articles were eligible for inclusion. Psychological impact of predictive genetic testing was not found to be associated with test result.

No detrimental effect of predictive genetic testing on non-carriers was found, although the process was not found to be psychologically neutral. To test for this behavior, we followed cognitively normal people participating in a randomized clinical trial of genetic testing for Alzheimer’s disease for one year after risk assessment.

The negative effects of predictive testing for alzheimers and huntingtons disease on human emotions
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Topics in Review: Psychological effect of genetic testing for Huntington's disease