The need for balance and its psychological effect on human body

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Energy metabolism, fuel selection and body weight regulation

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Balance Food and Activity

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The Human Balance System

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Effects of Psychological Stress on Innate Immunity and Metabolism in Humans: A Systematic Analysis

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It has been shown that biological and psychological factors affect the components of energy balance. Apr 30,  · Drugs and their effect on the human body dizziness and lack of motor balance, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and disorders of the sense of.

The Effects of Stress on Your Body

Homeostasis in a general sense refers to stability or balance in a system. It is the body's attempt to maintain a constant internal environment. It is the body's attempt to. The blood pH has a serious effect on all of the body’s systems and the body uses different mechanisms to control the blood’s acid-base balance.

The blood’s acid-base balance is controlled by the body because even minor deviations from the normal range can severely affect the brain, arteries, the heart, muscles, and many organs.

Effect of spaceflight on the human body

Once the acute stress episode has passed, the body returns to its normal state. Chronic stress, or a constant stress experienced over a prolonged period of time, can contribute to long-term problems for heart and blood vessels.

WebMD details some of the ways stress can affect your health. Health & Balance. Stress Management. The human body is designed to experience stress and react to it. Stress can be positive.

The need for balance and its psychological effect on human body
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