The immigrants and refugee crisis of eu

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European opinions of the refugee crisis in 5 charts

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Why is EU struggling with migrants and asylum?

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European Union

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European Union Faced with significant strategic challenges, including the refugee crisis, the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union, attacks by violent extremists, and rising support for.

Austria, Italy and Germany are exploring proposals for an “axis of the willing” against illegal immigration. France is also talking to Italy about “joint initiatives”. The German chancellor has said solving the question is “a litmus test for Europe’s cohesion and future” that will demand a strong, collective response.

Mar 08,  · The European Commission announced last Thursday new measures for an efficient EU return policy together with the progress made and must be done by the EU member states on the EU’s relocation and resettlement schemes by September and beyond. Under an EU rule known as the Dublin regulation, refugees are required to claim asylum in the member state in which they first arrive.

But some EU countries, such as Greece, Italy, and Croatia. Voice The Immigration Crisis Is Tearing Europe Apart Fear of terrorism, Muslims, and refugees is driving the parties of the right and left further apart than ever before. Statistics can help in grasping the extent of Europe’s refugee crisis.

Discover the latest numbers highlighting various aspects of this unprecedented situation. The arrival of over one million asylum seekers and migrants to Europe in exposed serious flaws in the EU’s asylum system.

The immigrants and refugee crisis of eu
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