The causes and treatment for asthma

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Root Cause of Asthma Attack, Respiratory Natural Treatment, Prevention

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Causes. It isn't clear why some people get asthma and others don't, but it's probably due to a combination of environmental and genetic (inherited) factors. Asthma is the result of chronic inflammation of the conducting zone of the airways (most especially the bronchi and bronchioles), which subsequently results in increased contractability of the surrounding smooth among other factors leads to bouts of narrowing of the airway and the classic symptoms of wheezing.

The narrowing is typically reversible with or without treatment. Root Cause of Asthma Attack, Respiratory Natural Treatment, Prevention.

There is overwhelming evidence that asthma is closely connected. An asthma attack is a sudden worsening of asthma symptoms caused by the tightening of muscles around your airways (bronchospasm).

During the asthma attack, the lining of the airways also becomes. Asthma is a condition associated with the narrowing of the respiratory muscles and the accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract.

This may lead to constant coughing by the affected individual to clear the airways. Asthma is an ongoing condition that needs regular monitoring and treatment. Taking control of your treatment can make you feel more in control of your life in general.

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The causes and treatment for asthma
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