Student profiling and grading system

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A computer-implemented overall according to claim 1, further letting updating the basic student profile for the selection at predetermined intervals. Everyone hates to know with piles of civilized unless they do not have any other facts. Potential benefits of the chair invention are:. STUDENT GRADING SYSTEM (SGS) deals with the maintenance of university, college, faculty, student information within the university.

SGS is an automation system, which is used to store the college, faculty, student, courses and information of a college. Starting from registration of a new student in /5(8).

An example of a one-page profile for a (fictional) student with special educational needs. It provides a simple summary of what is important to a student and how they would like to be supported in /sen-one-page-profile-template Student profiling is a career-long procedure whereby students develop and maintain a documentary record of their learning experiences.

Correctly implemented, profiling should form the core of each student's management of his or her own learning. Oct 21,  · Student profile grading system. United States Patent Abstract: The invention relates to a method and means of grading students.

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This invention is a software application utilizing profiling techniques that when combined or imbedded with available knowledge on the human learning experience will individually.

· The study is generally concentrating on the feasibility of creating an online student information system for Kalayaan National High School.

The literatures of this study come from books, journals, articles, electronic materials such as PDF or E-Book, and other existing theses and dissertations, foreign and local that are believed to be useful 2_REVIEW_OF_RELATED_LITERATURE_AND_STUDIES.

· Via the online education system, a student should be able to interact with other students through both asynchronous and synchronous collaboration. Asynchronous collaboration is a more traditional concept in Web-based communities, where users interact with each other through non-real-time forms of

Student profiling and grading system
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