State behavior and its influence in international order

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International Law

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Additional findings suggest. Parts of the world placed under the influence of one of the great powers. Realists emphasize change in explaining the history of the international order.


The International System

Woodrow Wilson supported a system of collective security. What are the three levels of analysis used to explain state behavior? International system, domestic, individual. 5 Interests The behavior of a nation-state is rooted in the pursuit, protection, and promotion of its interests.

So if one can identify accurately the interests of a state, one should be able to understand much of its behavior. Unipolarity, State Behavior, and Systemic Consequences By G.

JOhN IkeNBeRRy, MIChael MaSTaNDUNO, and WIllIaM C.

World Population Awareness

WOhlfORTh aMeRICaN primacy in the global distribution of capabilities is one of the most salient features of the contemporary international system. The end of the cold war did not return the world to multipolar-ity. The predictability of state behavior established by international law means that the United States is not free to be disorderly or promote changes on its own whim.

the United States employs international law in its foreign policy and contributes to its creation. the validity of its content being determined by the international order.

State behavior and its influence in international order
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