Radiology and collar bone cracker

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This bone forms a unique link between the upper limb and the chest. It transfers the weight of the upper limb (or any weight that is carried in our hands) to the central part of the body. Eat dry foods, such as crackers, toast, dry cereals, or bread sticks, when you wake up and every few hours during the day.

They provide nutrients and help settle your stomach. They provide nutrients and help settle your stomach. Standard view. Chest X-ray - A chest X-ray is not indicated for suspected uncomplicated rib fractures.

This is because rib fractures are often undisplaced and therefore not visualised, and, even if a fracture is visible, management is unchanged. A CT PE (Pulmonary Embolus) Study is a CT exam of the chest that uses a combination of high speed CT imaging and an Iodine contrast to make very thin (mm) and very detailed pictures of the pulmonary artery and vein.

Imaging features are characteristic (, 52, 53), with symmetric low attenuation at CT and high signal intensity at T2-weighted MR imaging in the cerebellar white matter, cerebral peduncles, and posterior limb of the internal capsule, with sparing of the anterior limb of.

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Radiology and collar bone cracker
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