Guidelines for creating and sustaining healthy communication climates

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Health Care Facilities Resilient to Climate Change Impacts

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Sustaining Healthy Climates- Understanding How to be Supportative. There is a range of communication choices we can each make and patterns we choose that affect our communication climates and how our relationships are maintained or breakdown.

Communication Climates Part III. Florida Reef stakeholders have downplayed the role of anthropogenic climate change while recognizing the reef system’s degradation. With an emphasis on recreational anglers, a survey using contingent valuation methods investigated stakeholders’ attitudes about the Florida Reef, climate change, and willingness to pay for sustainable and local seafood.

You will learn about climate change science, communication, and action from experts and apply this knowledge to local climate action projects.

You will also have the opportunity to share your ideas and projects with other participants and learn from each other.

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What is School Climate? NSCC defines school climate as the quality and character of school life. School climate is based on patterns of students', parents' and school personnel's experience of school life; it also reflects norms, goals, values, interpersonal relationships, teaching and learning practices, and organizational structures.

Guidelines for creating and sustaining healthy communication climates
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Building Health Care Sector Resilience | U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit