An analysis and a comparison of cultural icons madonna and marilyn monroe

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What's the difference between Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and Mariah Carey?

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Madonna (entertainer)

Jun 26,  · Monroe - an icon who changed the way we conceive of celebrity The Beatles - their music was the soundtrack to the century's cultural revolution The fifth is a toss up between Madonna (the first postmodern star) and Oprah (the first woman and African American to be able to right her own ticket, and arguably the most influential popular figure of the last twenty years).

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The method adopted attacks the central question in three ways. Marilyn Monroe Madonna MARILYN MONROE • • • • • • • • • • • Born – June 1st substance abuse She still is a major popular culture icon She married a man called Joe DiMaggio – a Baseball player Well known for her beauty and being an inspiration to females Madonna used homage intertextuality because she felt.

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Cultural impact of Madonna

Jan 03,  · Best Answer: madonna only has 1 name marilyn is dead mariah is a slut (well, so is madonna so scratch that)∙ Mariah Carey is the best selling female artist. Monroe was an actor and Madonna doesn't deserve to be used in the same sentence as Mariah carey.

Marilyn Monroe replaced into the main smart, remarkable and comfortable Status: Resolved.

The Definitive Five Icons of the 20th Century An analysis and a comparison of cultural icons madonna and marilyn monroe
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